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Easy Cookies Recipe

Morning snacks are my ritual as I tend to wake up early, and by 11:00 am, I look forward to sitting and enjoying a coffee cup with a small treat. This recipe is perfect with milk or coffee. A straightforward cookie recipe that is relatively less in calories than the store-bought ones, it is also … Read More

Mindful bites for a healthier lifestyle

Every day is an opportunity to take care of ourselves, and every meal is an opportunity to nourish our bodies. Our eating habits go way past our generation; we inherited many of our habits from our parents and grandparents. While so many are still in place, unfortunately, our obesity rates have increased, and people suffer … Read More

Sweet Potato Brownies

How lucky it is when you find a vegetable that is healthy, starchy, and naturally sweet! If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, enjoy carbs and feel proud to be healthy, keep reading as this recipe is yours. Sweet potatoes have earned their “superfood” titles for so many reasons; rich in nutrients, especially vitamin … Read More

Savory Marrow Tart from scratch

Can be made eggplant/ zucchini Every weekly grocery shopping, I always buy at least one kilo of baby marrows; I love their taste, color, tenderness, and adaptability to any flavors. In my hometown, Marrows are staple veggies in every house. The perfect recipe is stuffed marrows with rice and minced meat, or call them “Mehshi … Read More


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